Photograph by Mark Hammans


Singer/ Songwriter Sitara Schmitz shares her all time songs from different styles and projects.


Solo works, collabs, experimental stuff and lyrical pieces. Just be who you are, stay wild, stay child.

First Release this year: 

Walking on Fire - Sit the Kid feat. Low Volume

inkl. Pawas Remix

Low Volume:

A collaboration between two not so young & inspiring artists and old friends, who happen to find each other living in a German neighbourhood, trying to make some music late at night, at a nearly inaudible volume level.



In the electronica circuit, DJ and producer Pawas Gupta, needs no introduction. Pawas works in that space where melodies, musicianship and atmospheric sounds fuse to create intelligent house. His music resonates his journey back from his early days as a DJ in India to turning into an independent producer in Germany.


Sit the Kid feat. Low Volume_Walking on
Release 14th May 2021

“I was walking, watching you…”

Once upon a time, there was a DJ, a synthesizer lover and a singer. During those young and carefree days they met, jammed and created sounds. 18 years and a few kids later they came together to reminisce on the good old times and decided to give the song a structure and balance. This resulted in a final version of the track including a smooth dub influenced remix by Pawas to compliment the original.

Produced by Pawas Gupta, Mastered by Henning Schmitz

stay child stay wild