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LC: 49092

"We love good sound and positive vibrations!"


The Cologne based music label electromantica was created by Henning and Sitara Schmitz supported by their partner Thorsten Vogel.


The two musicians, producers and Studio X.1 owners and the music producer and DJ founded the label to offer a creative release platform for high-quality productions.


"In times of open space, we want to be a partner in creating a trustworthy base for the artists to bring out their musical outcome."


organic - technical

deep - light

colourful - clear

indietronic - atmospheric


sometime back

You know how it is... Two guys start jamming together, first songs are made... they meet a nice girl, she says she sings… Would you like to sing a song for us?

This is how the musical project "monotone" began and what followed was loads of music sessions, marriage, and the foundation of Sound Studio X.1 and their label electromantica.

Electromantica was founded to be free to release our music as we like it, not to be dependent on big labels and categories. We want to be open in styles and expression and do what we really love.

This is the beginning of really good music coming out!

Studio X.1
July 2020

These are exciting times for our label team. We are part of the Avid Play program, which gives us the chance to release our 3D Audio content in Dolby Atmos Music.


This is the moment we have been waiting for!


Starting with singles from 6 different artists we will keep on putting out more songs presented in Stereo and Dolby Atmos. These songs will be in the "Best of 3D Audio" compilation by electromantica with 3D mixing performed by Lasse Nipkow, a pioneer in this area.

For more information check out our press kit:

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