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Sit n Rudi

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They have a nowadays really rare gift to weave - with such enchanting melodies, delicate guitar worlds and with the really incredibly perfectly complementary vocal voices - an almost magical soundscape, from which one can not possibly escape and one actually wishes as a listener that this please never ends.

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...haben die - heutzutage  wirklich seltene Gabe - mit derart verzaubernden Melodien, zarten Gitarrenwelten und mit den sich wirklich unglaublich perfekt ergänzenden Gesangstimmen eine beinahe magische Klanglandschaft zu weben, der man sich unmöglich entziehen kann und man sich als Lauscher tatsächlich wünscht, das dies bitte niemals enden möge.


That is… Sitara Schmitz and Rudolf Koenen, an acoustic singer/songwriter duo based in Cologne, Germany.


In this project they create moments put into atmospheric sound and smooth vocals – let´s call it flower folk…

Two voices and two guitars speckled with exotic bamboo flute.

Soft tones in noisy times.

Handmade, fragile but as delicate as a butterfly.

Their songs are about honouring nature, questioning responsabilities, going through hard times but keeping it light. Or even about distancing and coming close, letting moments happen – or simple love songs.

Sit´n´Rudi use both languages, English and German.


How it all began... 

When quite some years ago musician Rudolf organized concerts, he saw Sitara playing her songs  live on stage. Impressed by her performance he instantly invited her to join a singer/songwriter rounding called HandMadeMusic. They became members of each other‘s band till one day the wish came up to start a duo project. This is how Sit´n´Rudi was born.

Playing together led to writing songs together, which is an exciting process for both of them.

Where ideas melt and evolve and when two come to one –  it is always a gain!


Where we are now…

Starting with the single “King of Lions“ in July 2020 – which is promoted in Dolby Atmos as well – their first album "Love and Share" is about to be released in autumn 2021.

Stay tuned!


SitnRudi King of Lions
King of Lions
July 2020

The King of Lions is a special moment in the life of Sitara. A song about saying goodbye with a smooth and sweet vibe. At the same time strong and passionate. Performed just with guitars and voices this is coming close to your ear. 

The release of this song is also available in Dolby Atmos! So even more enjoy the purity of sound. Feel embraced by the voices and dive into the moment... 

Dolby Atmos Music Mix by Lasse Nipkow

soft tones in noisy times


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