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Cataleya Fay is a vocalist, multiinstrumentalist and composer originally from Austria.

With her wonderful songs on piano, guitar and the Indian harmonium as well as off ering workshops, singing circles and seminars where it‘s all about voice, sounds and movement, she has been traveling
around Europe since 2012.

In her music she eff ortlessly spans a wide musical range from traditional folk to soul to the coasts of Ireland and from the wide hills of Scotland to melodies based on Indian ragas deep into the magic of medieval music.

All these elements are woven into songs, chants and poems of great intensity and beauty, to be heard on momentarly four albums and one maxisingle with her own lyrics and compositions.

She primarily writes in German and English about main topics that concern all of us such as integritiy, courage, love, freedom, inspiration, our society and Mother Nature. Sometimes during her concerts she creates her own language while improvising beyond beautiful, celebrating the magic of the moment and deeply touches the hearts of the audience in a very particular way. Time and again there happen wonderful collaborations with other lovely, creative souls.

videobite #02 - magic lies within


Hymenaiea_by Cataleya Fay
July 2020

Hymeanea is a Pagan wedding poem clad in music. Enriched with the vibrating sounds of huge frame drums, and sweet tones of e-saxophones paint mystic sounds of nature, that make you feel the deep pulse of Mother Earth.

You dive into earlier times to listen to enchanting events of our ancestors.


This Song is released in Dolby Atmos Music - Mix by Lasse Nipkow

Surya Namaskar

Surya Namaskar - a mantra prayer flow by Cataleya Fay. Bring yourself easier in your sun salutation practice with these Surya Namaskara Mantras. You hear this sun salutation 12 times for each side of the body in tempo 108. This gracefully linked asana series massages, detoxifies and stimulates almost every organ of the human body, brings suppleness and can benefit in weight loss as well. Practicing sun salutations regularly produces wellbeing, strength and gives overall health. A wonderful start for every day. The first two runs are sung slowly to warm up, the following ones are faster, the last two again slow to come down and hold and savor each position.

Soham_Cataleya Fay.jpg

Cataleya Fay proudly presents her now 4th album "Soham" in collaboration with producer Sitara Schmitz and the Cologne based label electromantica. This vedantic mantra -"I am that" - stands for a selection of Cataleyas favourite chants. She combines these ancient recitations with her delightful songs and poems supported by gifted musicians such as jazz guitarist Florian Zenker, sound artist Eela Soley and percussionist Christoph Hillmann. So- (inhalating) Ham (exhalating). The breath connects singing with the all-embracing vibration. Soulful, delicate, jazzy and even danceable interpretations - with a slight electronic touch - sung in Sanskrit, English and German. Music without borders. Headphones welcome.

Cataleya Fay_PURE_Release by Electromant

Pure is Cataleya Fay’s third album where she fullfils a long-held desire to present her songs in a very intimate, honest and intense way - going straight back to her singer-songwriter roots. With her beautiful voice accompanied only by guitar, piano, bansuri flute, some cello lines and a few little "sound crumbles" here and there, an enchanting feel-good atmosphere arises, carrying the listener to the front of a warm crackling fire - a half an hour's duration of pure magic cast in music. Despite it’s simplicity, this song collection is enriched with profound lyrics and carries the listener through a broad range of emotions from romantic and cosy to rhythmical and powerful. Served impressively - it’s true that less is sometimes more.

Cataleya Fay_Journey_COVER_RGB_800x800px

The album Journey is definitely a journey into many new musical dimensions. Intimate and moving, but still with playful lightness. You will find very puristic arrangements that are only based on piano or guitar with cello, as well as songs that are influenced by world music, through to tracks with elements from soul, R’n’B, rock and electronics. Enriched with wonderful instruments such as the sitar, bansuri flute, lap steel guitar, native american prayer flute, synthesizer sounds, drums, electric piano, double bass and violin.


CataleyaFay_Trace_digital release COVER.

On Cataleya Fay’s debut album there is a diverse collection of her wonderful folk songs with strong lyrics about happiness, love, joy, individuality and freedom. Her warm, engaging voice is gently accompanied by acoustic guitar, bass, electric guitar, piano, the Chapman stick, gentle percussion and the harmonium.


The record sounds harmonious and relaxed, the songs cuddle comfortably in your ear, as if Tracy Chapman would meet Eva Cassidy and Sarah McLachlan.

*** Gastmusiker auf der CD “Journey”:


Ben Vogt - Gitarre

Elisabeth Fügemann - Cello

Henning Schmitz - Keys, Drums, Programming

Uwe Felski - E-Bass und Kontrabass

Matthias Keul - Lap Steel Gitarre

Kailash Kokopelli - Native American Prayer Flute

Sitara Schmitz - Vocals, Bansuri, Programming

Tanmayo Devi - Violin

Pradeep Gupta - Sitar

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