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As a Naturally Electronic Operator N.E.O is convinced about the close connection beween Classics and modern electronic Popmusic.


He came out of a traditional musical education but dived early into the world of electronic circuits and a decade later into bits and bites.


N.E.O delivers exceptional pieces of music to increase the current avant-garde spirit in electronic music. His face-to-face encounters with historical music influencers like John Cage, Derrick May and Florian Schneider sharpend his aspects in music production.


Kat Von D - EXORCISM (n.e.o Remix)
Released 2021 on EXORCISMS EP

Rachmaninov Reloaded by NEO
July 28th 2020

Unconvinced about the worthiness of his Prelude in C sharp minor for Piano, Rachmaninow did not even register his copyrights for this work. He could not suspect that the little piece of music would become a honored composition, loved and taken into her repertoire by many eligible piano virtuosos.

Thank you Sergej for this exciting and inspiring music, and thank you that you let me down the sonic line sounds I hope this helps to feature this to become a cross link between classical and future orientation.

Dolby Atmos Music Mix by Henning Schmitz

n.e.o.    Naturally Electronic Operator

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