25 Feb 2021 

Videobites #01

We are starting the new year with a new format - our delicious #videobites!

Get into the flow and mood of electromantic vibes - produced by videographer Loreto Quijada... 

There is more to come!


21 Dec 2020 

Wuerde - das Grundgesetz by Kailash Kokopelli

Genre: Deutsch Pop


Wuerde is translated as dignity. Kailash Kokopelli reads excerpts of the German basic law (Grundgesetz) Horn section performance and arrangement by Praful Mystic. Opera voice by Diego Antonio Barrios. Composition by Kailash Kokopelli.

Recorded by Tom Dams at Studio Forstmehren. Edited by Sitara Schmitz. Mixed & mastered by Henning Schmitz. 


Human dignity shall be inviolable. To respect and protect it shall be the duty of all state authority. Every person shall have the right to life and physical integrity. Freedom of the person shall be inviolable.

Haus vom Nikolaus-Planet Oe
Haus vom Nikolaus-Maxi Version

02 Dec 2020 

Haus vom Nikolaus by Planet Oe

Genre: Childrens Music


With this funny christmas song we start a new game with the childrens music project "Planet Oe" from Sitara, our label manager. Lets rock Santa Claus! 

11 Dec 2020 

Haus vom Nikolaus (Maxi Version) by Planet Oe

Genre: Childrens Music

Let us have dancing children!!! Yeah! This Remix by Pawas Gupta is giving the Maxi to this song! Enjoy the listen and look forward to all coming christmas! 

Kailash Kokopelli_Skylark


Skylark by Kailash Kokopelli

Genre: Soul-Funk / Deutsch Pop / Medicine Music


This song was written and composed by Kailash Kokopelli with German lyrics 

in gratitude for the Skylark - a little bird high above the fields singing praises to source in joyful celebration. The song also celebrates planet venus - the morning star heralding the dawning of a new day of life calling in the light of love and hope.

The soul-funk of this song written both for the skylark and the little bright star also known as Lučka, is arranged and mixed by Pieter Smeenk who also played rhodes, and vocal loop. Bassline by Erik Boon. Guitar by Alain Eskinasi, horn section by Praful Mystic and add libs by Shunya Deva aka Julya Lo’ko 

Signs of Time by Pattysplanet
SitnRudi King of Lions

July 2020

Release of 6 tracks in Dolby Atmos Music !!!!

We are so happy to pronounce we have become part of the new AvidPlay community which gives us the chance to release our tracks both in stereo and Dolby Atmos Music. 

First releases:

Signs of Time - Remaster by Pattysplanet

King of Lions by Sit ´n´ Rudi

Inspiration by Monotone

Freedom - Chance 2 Change by Kailash Kokopelli

Rachmaninov Reloaded by N.E.O

Hymeaea by Cataleya Fay

Freedom - Chance 2 Change by Kailash Kok
Rachmaninov Reloaded by NEO


Hymenaiea_by Cataleya Fay
Freedom - Chance 2 Change by Kailash Kok

5 July 2020

Release of Freedom - Chance 2 Change by Kailash Kokopelli

Genre: Soul Funk / World / Medicine Music

In times when our freedom of speech and basic human rights are threatened, it is essential to remember that we are the change we want to see in the world. Our choices make the difference. We have the power and chance to change our situation every given moment and with every new sunrise. Every thought, word and action counts. Give what you wish to receive. Dream into reality a world in beauty, harmony and freedom.

May all beings be free from suffering and slavery.

#soul #funk #medicinemusic #ecstaticdance #celebration #freedom

Vitavarg_Samtycker Inte

21 June 2020

Release of Samtycker Inte by VITAVARG feat. Lavanya

This Tech-House / EDM electronic dance music produced and arranged by VITAVARG (Kailash Kokopelli in collaboration with Stefan Kvarnström) featuring Swedish singer and rap artist LAVANYA

Vitavarg_Non Consent

21 June 2020

Release of "Non-Consent" by VITAVARG feat. Kailash Kokopelli & Lavanya

This EDM / Tech-House meets medicine music and spoken word track is crafted to anchor in awareness and empowerment while dancing!


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