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Kailash Kokopelli
World Music, Chillout / Lounge, New Age / Meditation, Pop Deutsch, Smooth Jazz
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Press Kit:

...multi-instrumentalist, producer and performer of Medicine Music since over 30 years. Kokopelli developed a unique healing sound transmission through his Native American prayer flute and didgeridoo as well as overtone and spirit chanting. The cross-cultural bridge-maker and humanitarian artist has been working with indigenous people around the planet since the early 90’s when he introduced the mother of all flutes as one of the first European didgeridoo players to Germany. Since then Kokopelli has been one of the leading pioneers in exploring the healing effect of sound through countless individual and group sound medicine treatments as well as performing Sound Healing Journeys and ceremonial Medicine Music concerts worldwide.


Kailash Kokopelli’s songs like the HEALING SONG, WALKING TREE and ABOVE & BELOW are sung around the globe by all ages. Besides his Sound Medicine education, treatment and research work Kailash also teaches KACHIMO Healing Chi Movements and sacred SONGDANCES. The sound alchemist is also a passionate cacao and healing food alchemist, herbalist, astrologer, poet and diviner who has the gift to dowse for your source of pure waters.


His work as a medicine person includes ceremonial weddings, sweatlodge purification ceremonies, vision quests as well as cleansing and consecration of homes. Kailash Kokopelli is performing on invitation worldwide and has touched uncountable people with his healing Sound Medicine and Sacred World Music.


St. Michael Invocation
December 24th 2021

Written and composed by Kailash Kokopelli 

Genre: Sacred Music

When human rights, freedom of speech, movement and health are threatened under the tyranny of a global totalitarian dictatorship, it is time to call upon Archangel Michael and the legends of light:


Archangel Michael and legions of light 

protect us and guide us through darkest of nights

cut chains of enslavement and unhealthy ties

to stand in the truth transcending all lies

We call upon justice from highest divine 

to uphold boundaries and drawing the line 

when forces of evil attack our home 

may ancestors strengthen blood marrow and bone

may our children, beloveds and friends 

be unharmed by prayer and holding of hands

guardians, protectors we call upon thee 

to help us and guide us to set ourselves free.


more information here

December 21st 2020

Written and composed by Kailash Kokopelli 

Genre: Deutsch Pop


Wuerde is translated as dignity. Kailash Kokopelli reads excerpts of the German basic law (Grundgesetz) Horn section performance and arrangement by Praful Mystic. Opera voice by Diego Antonio Barrios. Composition by Kailash Kokopelli.

Recorded by Tom Dams at Studio Forstmehren. Edited by Sitara Schmitz. Mixed & mastered by Henning Schmitz.

Human dignity shall be inviolable. To respect and protect it shall be the duty of all state authority. Every person shall have the right to life and physical integrity. Freedom of the person shall be inviolable.

Conscious of their responsibility before God and man,

Inspired by the determination to promote world peace as an equal partner in a united Europe, the German people, in the exercise of their constituent power, have adopted this Basic Law.

Every person shall have the right freely to express and disseminate his opinions in speech, writing and pictures and to inform himself without hindrance from generally accessible sources. Freedom of the press and freedom of reporting by means of broadcasts and films shall be guaran­teed. There shall be no censorship.

Kailash Kokopelli_Skylark


October 31st 2020

Written and composed by Kailash Kokopelli 

Genre: Soul-Funk / Deutsch Pop / Medicine Music


This song was written and composed by Kailash Kokopelli with German lyrics 

in gratitude for the Skylark - a little bird high above the fields singing praises to source in joyful celebration. The song also celebrates planet venus - the morning star heralding the dawning of a new day of life calling in the light of love and hope.

The soul-funk of this song written both for the skylark and the little bright star also known as Lučka, is arranged and mixed by Pieter Smeenk who also played rhodes, and vocal loop. Bassline by Erik Boon. Guitar by Alain Eskinasi, horn section by Praful Mystic and add libs by Shunya Deva aka Julya Lo’ko 

Freedom - Chance 2 Change by Kailash Kok

Additional Relase in Dolby Atmos Music - July 28th 2020

July 5th 2020

Genre: Soul Funk / World / Medicine Music


In times when our freedom of speech and basic human rights are threatened, it is essential to remember that we are the change we want to see in the world. Our choices make the difference. We have the power and chance to change our situation every given moment and with every new sunrise. Every thought, word and action counts. Give what you wish to receive. Dream into reality a world in beauty, harmony and freedom.


May all beings be free from suffering and slavery.

#soul #funk #medicinemusic #ecstaticdance #celebration #freedom

Produced, arranged and composed by Kailash Kokopelli.

Vocals by Kailash Kokopelli.

Backing vocals, editing and programming by Sitara Schmitz.

Ad libs by Bobby Saint.

Spoken word by Lukaijah.

Horn section by Praful Mystic.

Wah wah guitar and grooves by Alain Eskinasi.

Rhodes by Pieter Smeenk.

Kailash Kokopelli_Pute Vejas
KAILASH KOKOPELLI feat. Ben Bushill, Nadishana & Rasa Serra -
May 7th 2020

Pūtė Vėjas Aušrinė (Wind, Oak & Star) traditional Lithuanian song arranged by Kailash Kokopelli featuring Ben Bushill, Nadishana and Rasa Serra. Kailash Kokopelli recorded in 2015 the Lithuanian Folksinger Rasa Serra in Vilnius. The traditional song “Pūtė Vėjas” is an ancient song about the Wind and the Oak tree from Tabariškės village, Garliava region, Kaunas district.


On his Baltic tour with the Siberian multi-instrumentalist Nadishana he additionally recorded the virtuoso’s masterful RAV vast handpan performance and composed the unique arrangement featuring the spoken word artist Ben Bushill who wrote the poetry in praise of the morning star (Aušrinė) for Kokopelli. This unique medicine music is a fusion of poetry, folk and sacred world music celebrating the tree nation with roots deep in Mother Earth and crown reaching up to the stars to share with us the breath of life. The forests are our lungs. All trees are sacred. They must be protected for the wings of wind to carry the breath of life to the children of our children and the future generations.


Poem: Dawn’s quiet light chases the darkness to the edges of the world once again. Morning star, you remain. Single point of silver in the exquisite canvas of the textured sky. Let your eyes rest here beloved. With the one light. Let them rest. Let her be your gentle guide as you walk the cities and plains, forests and deserts of our wild earth. Take the one pilgrimage, through feathers, voices and wind-sung prayers. Through tears and hope and heartbreak. Wrap the many-coloured cloak of your own sweet silent essence about your shoulders. And like the shepherds and kings of old turn your eyes to her light. Turn to the light. Follow the morning star and set your path towards the source of love. Into a new day, into the unfolding of a new world. As life turns and spirals and opens again to reveal the perfect, tender flower of your infinite heart and the impossible wonder of a universe in full, vibrant bloom.


Ben Bushill: poetry written and spoken

Rasa Serra: female vocals on traditional Lithuanian song

Nadishana: RAV vast handpan

Kailash Kokopelli: recordings, arrangements and composition

Kailash Kokopelli_Morning Star
April 15th 2020

Ceremonial medicine music composed, arranged and performed by Kailash Kokopelli featuring Sandrayati Fay on female vocals, Vieux & Mariama Cissokho on African Kora and chant in Mandinka as well as Roy Smila on Kamanche and mystic poet Grace Sommers on spoken word.


Morning Star was received at the blue hour, the dawning of the dawning in the Namibian desert of Africa. Sung to planet venus while offering morning water after a night of prayer circle. Prayers for the healing waters of life are carried on wings of song and silence to the morning star heralding the return of the light, the promise and hope of a new day of life in beauty, guided by the heart.


With great reverence for the First Nations Native American Cheyenne, the words Vóóhéhéve are sung to honor the morning star. What better timing for this message of hope for humanity on lock down and deep self reflection to re–evaluate our values and value systems. May this song aid in giving birth to a new humanity and a new earth nation to rise in harmony with ourselves, one another and all of our relations in all kingdoms.


May we protect and preserve our home planet, this sacred earth and the elements of life for our children and the future generations!


Kailash Kokopelli: vocals, words, composition and arrangement

Sandrayati Fay: female vocals

Vieux Aliou Cissokho: African Kora

Mariama Cissokho: African chant in Mandinka

Roy Smila: Kamancha

Grace Sommers: spoken word and poetry

Sitara Schmitz: editing

Henning Schmitz: mixing and mastering

Kailash Kokopelli_Seven sacred direction
March 21st 2020

This invocation of the 7 sacred directions is medicine music crafted for opening ceremonies at festivals, gatherings and celebrations such as sacred weddings, plant medicine work and cacao-ceremonies. To close reverse anti-clockwise from the north to the east, above, below and within. Kailash Kokopelli can be booked to transmit this invocation at your meaningful event live and weave in the healing sounds of his medicine music through the Native American Flute, spirit-chants and gift as a multi-instrumentalist.


Kailash Kokopelli: text, Native American Flute, Didgeridoo and spoken word

Denis Kucherov: Rav Vast Handpan


7 sacred directions:

From the east - the place of the rising sun and new beginnings we call upon the light of a new earth nation to rise as one people on one planet rising into expanded awareness and greater vision for the greater good of all.

From the south - the highest place of the sun shining equally on all of us and all of our relations in all kingdoms, we call upon the light of unconditional love and compassion to awaken in our hearts and shine through our thoughts, words and actions with joy, ease and grace for the healing of humankind.

From the west - the place of the setting sun and inner vision through introspection, we call upon the inner light to tune in and come in tune with source within - realizing our true nature of infinite potential and divine essence.

From the north - the place of the night sky portal to the celestial light bleeding through the dimensional gateways of the stars, we call upon the wisdom and strength of our ancestors who walked this earth before us reminding us that soon we will be ancestors to our children’s children and therefore are called to step into true guardianship of our body and home planet this sacred Mother Earth to protect and preserve the elements of life for the future generations.


From below - we call upon the light of life carrying us, nourishing us, sheltering us as Sacred Mother Earth who lend us her earthen robe so we can see her beauty, feel her heartbeat, hear her song, smell her fragrance, taste her delight and touch her in a sacred manner co-creating and sharing a new earth of good health, wellbeing, abundance and prosperity for all of our relations in all kingdoms within earth, water, fire, air and ether.


From above - we call upon the light of the great mystery as pure consciousness, expanding and ever unfolding in myriad forms and emanations. Through our alignment to the most high within us and in all sentient beings we recognize the divine in one another awakening to the truth that there is only one of us here.


From within - we call upon the light we are to awaken the light in one another. We are stepping now and here into the love we are reclaiming the sovereign throne of our hearts as queens and kings of our lives in alignment to source within, above, below and all around us as it is to fulfill our true purpose of being for the greater good of all.


From here and now onwards we are called to remember the sacred laws and universal principles of love and respect for all living beings in all worlds. And so it is. AHO.

Kailash Kokopelli_Strawman
KAILASH KOKOPELLI feat. Sacha Stone & Bibi Bacchus - STRAWMAN
February 7th 2020

Genre: soul funk

With the raw fragrance of Eric Burdon’s ‘Tobacco Road’ and a hint of The Doors ‘Riders On The Storm’ Kailash Kokopelli’s ‘STRAWMAN’ calls you to look deeper down the rabbit hole beyond conspiracy.


The excerpted interview between New Earth Nation & ITNJ International Tribunal For Natural Justice founder Sacha Stone & Bibi Bacchus inspired this song. Wrapped in soul funk with a touch of acid jazz featuring horns by Praful Mystic, Rhodes by Pieter Smeenk (ex Gotcha) Hammond organ, wah wah guitar & worldmusic grooves by Alain Eskinasi (3rd Force / Professor Trance and the Energizers) and South African bassist Wakhile Xhalisa, STRAWMAN is a call to awaken out of collective sleep and reclaim our name and sovereign empowerment to fulfill true purpose of being and protect the elements, specially the sacred waters of life for the future generations.

Vocals, arrangement, composition, text except interview Kailash Kokopelli

Backing vocals: Hilda Kim Ruijs

Spoken word/Interview excerpt: Sacha Stone & Bibi Bacchus

Groove programming: Sitara Schmitz & Alain Eskinasi

Hammond, wah wah guitar: Alain Eskinasi

Rhodes: Pieter Smeenk


Horn section: Praful Mystic

Kailash_Heartsongs for children
August 1st 2019

Kailash Kokopelli‘s heartsongs for children are seeds of awareness and lullabies for awakening a conscious humanity in harmony with all of our relations in all kingdoms. Once we become aware that we are all children of one planet related with all living beings within earth, water, air and fire infused within the mineral, plant, animal and human kingdoms, and that we are just guests here with all we have only lend to us, we naturally stop all competitive, territorial behavior and come home to a joyful peace in the spirit of loving kindness, compassion, caring and sharing.


The sacred world music of Kailash Kokopelli is crafted for all children of all ages and loved by both kids and adults. Heartsongs for children is a compilation from original songs by Kailash Kokopelli from the albums GOLDEN DRAGONRIDER, PHOENIX RISING, CIRCLE OF LIFE and SAKRAYAAMI.


Many of the songs have movements and dances known as songdances. Find some of them displayed on Kailash Kokopelli YouTube channel or create your own dance movements to these beautiful heartsongs.

"Spirit of the wind,
heartbeat of the earth,
voice of all that is sacred, wild and free...

Kailash brings a message of hope
from the stars into the stones
to awaken the light

within the deepest depth of our beings.
In the pure language of silence given sound
he calls us to remember
the sacredness within us and of all life."

(Grace, Mt Shasta, USA)

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